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  • Suyogi Super Replace  201)   Suyogi Super Replace
    It can perform search and replace operations with multiple strings in multiple files.

  • AJC Grep  203)   AJC Grep 1.1
    AJC Grep is a powerful file finder, text search, replace and data extraction program for Windows. This is a major time saving tool for developers, documenters, web designers and anyone who has to search and replace in a large number of files.

  • Analyse It  204)   Analyse It 3.0
    Analyse It is a SNMP network interface utilization and error, graphical reporting tool. Enables network availability, performance, reliability and utilization reporting.

  • SyncMate  205)   SyncMate 3.5
    SyncMate syncs data on your Mac with Windows Mobile, Android and Nokia S40 devices, iPhones, iPads, iPods (Touch or Nano), other Macs or PCs, Google and Dropbox accounts, any mounted storage devices, Sony PSP and allows backing up data online.

  • CompuApps SwissKnife V3  206)   CompuApps SwissKnife V3 3.01
    "Hard drive partition management tool to create, delete, full format and quick format your parttion your IDE hard drives upto 120GB. Supports Internal, External like parallel, PCMCIA, USB, Firewire interfaces. Supports FAT16 and FAT32 partitions. Cre

  • Comparator Fast  207)   Comparator Fast
    Simplifies the comparison / verification / synchronization status of two different directories on any media (local drives, network drives, writable CD's, Compact Flash and electronic media, any drive/disk or device managed as valid windows pathnames)

  • SysInfoTools PDF Repair  208)   SysInfoTools PDF Repair 2.0
    PDF recovery tool recovers each and every object of the PDF file, text, images, links, comments, bookmarks, document properties, cells, tables, word art, and Unicode characters. The PDF repair tool repairs batch's of corrupt files.

  • CANASTA Card Game From Special K  209)   CANASTA Card Game From Special K Deluxe
    Canasta From Special K Play the classic card games of Canasta! Play against the computer playing between 1 and 5 opponents. Use Windows 95 or higher to achieve the realistic atmosphere of a Canasta game with animation and sound

  • SoftCAT  210)   SoftCAT 5.13
    SoftCAT is the ultimate software organizer database. The AutoCatalog feature will automatically add all programs installed on your computer.

  • CiAN File Splitter Pro  211)   CiAN File Splitter Pro v3.85
    Split and Join huge files, compress, password protection, SFV CheckSum, Self-Join capabilities and more ...

  • O&O Defrag Server Edition  212)   O&O Defrag Server Edition 14.5
    O&O Defrag optimizes your hard disk and effectively and securely packs file fragments back together. O&O Defrag includes an array of functions, ranging from a fully automated defragmentation function to an expert settings option.

  • Defrag for Windows  213)   Defrag for Windows 4.0
    PCMesh <a href="" title="disk defrag">disk defrag</a> is an easy-to-use complete defragmentation utility to make your Windows run faster by defragmenting and optimizing the hard disk.

  • ICE Mirror  214)   ICE Mirror
    This utility creates or maintains an exact duplicate of the original directory.

  • AccelMan  215)   AccelMan 3.5
    Innovative file manager with great functionality and various customizations. It includes a viewer of 30 graphics formats, MS Office, PDF, HTML, Fonts and other files with editing options; a mediaplayer (32 formats) and much more.

  • DDFileCatcher  216)   DDFileCatcher 2.5009
    Copy file infomation to the Clipboard and into Microsoft Word tables and Excel spreadsheets. Runs stand-alone or as an addin launched by Word or Excel. Gets files from multiple folders or searches in Windows Explorer.

  • OrphansRemover  217)   OrphansRemover 1.8.9
    OrphansRemover scans your computer and finds broken shortcuts (*.lnk files) on your Desktop, in your Start Menu, Recent Documents, Program Files folder and other (custom) locations.

  • EF Find  218)   EF Find 7.30
    EF Find is a powerful search program. Look for files, text, HEX sequences and regular expressions inside 7-Zip, ACE, ARC, ARJ, BZIP2, CAB, CPIO, GZIP, IMG, ISO (ISO9660), LHA, RAR, RPM, SFX, SQX, TAR, TBZ, TGZ, ZIP, Zip64, ZOO archives.

  • txt2pdf  219)   txt2pdf 8.5
    txt2pdf is program to convert old txt, spool, text, textual report to nice pdf (form, invoice, report , sale sheet) on every Windows version and also on Solaris, Linux HP-UX, AIX, Mac OS X, tru64, openvms, sco, irix, bsd, ...

  • Metadata Miner Catalogue PRO  220)   Metadata Miner Catalogue PRO 4.2.6
    Cataloging tool to extract file properties, metadata from files images or web pages in directories into HTML, XML files. Interactive interface filters by file and properties type. Command line creates XML and apply XSL transformations in batch mode

  • SysInfoTools Writer Recovery  222)   SysInfoTools Writer Recovery 1.01
    SysInfoTools Writer Repair is a powerful repair/recovery tool which successfully restores content from a severely damaged ODT file. It efficiently recovers unreadable data from corrupt ODT files and Display file preview for corrupt ODT file.

  • ABF CD Shell  223)   ABF CD Shell 1.0
    ABF CD Shell is a constructor set for fast creating of different CD, DVD, and other catalogue shells.

  • f2xml  224)   f2xml 1.0
    Do you need better control over your filesystem? f2xml provides that control. f2xml creates customised XML, HTML or TEXT based reports on your file system or removable storage (CD's, floppy disks, etc). GUI, command line or DLL interfaces.

  • Kenel For PDF Repair Tool  225)   Kenel For PDF Repair Tool 9.11.01
    Dealing with corrupt PDF files has become very easy with PDF repair tool. It repairs and rebuilds corrupt PDF to working PDF with all data recovered.

  • Backup Magic  226)   Backup Magic 1.6.7
    Backup Magic is a simple, fast and compact backup & file copy utility for power users and system admins. Includes lightweight console mode module for scheduled use on file server.

  • HDD Temperature Pro  227)   HDD Temperature Pro 4.0.25
    Control hard disk temperature in real-time. HDD Temperature helps you prevent hard drive failures and associated data loss by giving an early warning about the disks overheating. In case of a critical overheat, HDD Temperature can shut down the PC.

  • Defragmenter Pro  228)   Defragmenter Pro 3.1
    Does your screen saver interfere when you defrag your hard disks? Does 'Drive's content changed: restarting ...' sound familiar?Does 'Windows cannot defragment this drive because ...' sound familiar?

  • Partition Magic  229)   Partition Magic 8.0
    Partition Magic allows you to create, resize and merge partitions on your hard drive without destroying data.

  • East-Tec Eraser 2007  230)   East-Tec Eraser 2007 10.0.5
    Keep what you do on your computer to yourself! Protect your privacy, remove all evidence of your PC and Internet activity and improve system performance. Get East-Tec Eraser 2012 today!

  • GetFoldersize  231)   GetFoldersize 2.0.16
    GetFoldersize size allows you to determine the size of folders and sub-folders on your hard drive. Determine which programs are taking up your hard disk space. For each folder, you can display the total file size.

  • Ati Software Uninstall  232)   Ati Software Uninstall 1.2.0
    Your computer is a graveyard of files. Programs you deleted have left behind files. Temporary files created by your computer are taking up space. Your computer's performance is hurt as a result, and your time is wasted.

  • SysInfoTools Base Repair  233)   SysInfoTools Base Repair v1.0
    SysInfoTools Base Repair is a powerful repair/recovery tool which successfully restore content from a severly damaged ODB file. And save recovered files to the user defined location.

  • Clone Cleaner PRO  234)   Clone Cleaner PRO 1.03
    HCC is an easy-to-use program designed to find out and remove duplicate files with same name, same size, same content on your local or network computers. With HCC you can easily reclaim disk space wasted by all the extra unnecessarily file copies.

  • Chaos Antidote  235)   Chaos Antidote 1.0.0
    A tool for keeping order on your hard drive. It can take care of the clutter that builds up on your desktop and in other places. It does so by taking stray files and sorting them into different categories so you can find them again later.

  • FileSee  236)   FileSee 5.5
    FileSee is a powerful All-In-One file viewer. It is a mixtinite of Text viewer, image viewer, flash player, mp3 player, midi player, hex editor, html viewer, rm player and Zip decompresser.

  • OfficeFIX Office Data Recovery  237)   OfficeFIX Office Data Recovery 4.10
    OfficeFIX is a data recovery software that restores corrupt or damaged Access data bases created using Ms Access 95, 97, 2000, XP, and 2003, all versions of Excel, and all versions of Word. This Suite includes ExcelFIX, AccesssFIX and WordFIX.

  • SwiftCompare  238)   SwiftCompare
    SwiftCompare for Windows is the fastest and easiest way to compare folders, synchronize, merge and recover documents across multiple folders, removable storage devices and even other computers.

  • Virtual Hard Drive Pro  239)   Virtual Hard Drive Pro 2
    Virtual Hard Drive Pro creates a RAM drive, which functions like a physical hard drive, only with much faster access rates. A RAM drive bypasses the system hard drive, which is the slowest part of a computer, to give your system an immediate boost.

  • TreeSize Free  240)   TreeSize Free 2.7
    TreeSize Free shows where the disk space has gone to. It can be started from the context menu of a folder or drive and shows you the size of folders, subfolders and files. Displays also the NTFSRatio (NTFS compression rates).

  • MBD Search Engine  241)   MBD Search Engine 2.0
    Personal full-text search engine for e-libraries and document archives with momentary output of found text

  • FileReconstructor  242)   FileReconstructor 1.5
    File Reconstructor can recover deleted files from hard drives, floppy disks, Zip drives, Jaz Drives, USB Hard Drives, USB Flash File Reconstructor is the top-rated file recovery/undelete software for deleted files recovery.

  • Hetman Photo Recovery  243)   Hetman Photo Recovery 2.1.8
    A photo recovery solution with unique characteristics and an attractive price! Its proprietary scanning and recovery algorithm enables Hetman Photo Recovery to outperform its competitors by a fair margin and recover what others cannot even detect!

  • SysInfoTools Docm Repair  244)   SysInfoTools Docm Repair 1.01
    SysInfoTools Docm Repair is a powerful repair/recovery tool which successfully restores content from a severely damaged MS Word 2007 Docm files. And save recovered files to the user defined location.

  • View Folder Size  245)   View Folder Size 4.10
    View Folder Size helps you to view total folder and file sizes directly in the Windows Explorer. Main features: integration with Windows Explorer, file sizes representation in any units, convenient interface.

  • MySecretFolder  246)   MySecretFolder 3.0
    MySecretFolder - You can hide or protect with a password your personal folder with private files and documents, on both the NTFS and FAT/FAT32 volumes. Very easy to use. Supports the stealth operation and hot key activation.

  • PDF Extract TIFF  247)   PDF Extract TIFF 1.6
    Batch extract images from pdf file and save as tiff images, support high compression ratio in genrated tiff images.

  • AB Commander LITE  248)   AB Commander LITE 3.3
    A simple in use file manager and Explorer replacement with dual-panel user interface, toolbar, command prompt, folder navigation tools, and more. Closely integrated with the Windows user interface, fully supports shell extensions. FREE.

  • SysInfoTools Pptm Repair  249)   SysInfoTools Pptm Repair 1.01
    SysInfoTools Pptm Repair is a powerful repair/recovery tool which successfully restores content from a severely damaged MS Powerpoint 2007 Pptm files. And save recovered files to the user defined location.

  • File Seeker  250)   File Seeker 1.6.3
    Searches Hard Disks for Files - HIGH Speed,Accuracy and search within feature.

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